Your travel to Javakhk starts here!

Your travel to Javakhk starts here!

Wonderful nature, old historical monuments reflecting rich past of Javakhk, great hospitable people make Javakhk an ideal place to visit for all those who are interested in Armenian history and culture, in Georgia, Byzantine, Pontus and Caucasus. This site is to assist you to get information on travel to Javakhk and to help you to plan your trip.

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Javakhk, 2006

Main regions of Javakhk

The historical region Javakhk roughly consists of the following areas:

Akhalkalak region with its 64 villages and Akhalkalak town;
Bogdanovka region (Ninocminda) with its 32 villages and Bogdanovka town;
The western part of Tsalka region with its 13 villages;
Some parts of Akhaltskha and Aspindza regions with 16 villages and Akhaltskha town;
The southernmost part of Borjomi region with 4 villages.

This region is more than 90% Armenian-populated. Other ethnical groups are Georgians, Russians, Greeks. See our Maps section for region and town locations, and check our Geopgraphical outline for information on lakes, rivers, mountains, forests, etc..


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