Here is the list of the best hotels of Javakhk, their addresses and phones:

Hotel Anank
Address: Darbinian St. 5, Akhalkalak, Javakhk
Phone: +(995) 99 101835

Hotel Art-Seg
Address: Mashtoc St. 33, Akhalkalak, Javakhk
Phone: (+995) 93 713033 (+995) 95 199807
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Hotel Eurostar
Address: Airport St. at the Khospia village, Akhalkalak, Javakhk
Phone: +(995) 93 150985 or  +(995) 99 188608 (restaurant)

Hotel Ararat
Address: Kamo St. 10, Akhalkalak, Javakhk
Phone: +(995) 77 761156

Hotel Prestige
Address: Rustaveli St. 76, Akhaltskha, Javakhk
Phone: +(995) 93 937125  or  +(899) 99 238295

Hotel ALPI
Address: Terian 2, Ninocminda (Bogdanovka), Javakhk

Motel Ani
Address: Kizilkilisa (Karmravank) village, Tsalka, Javakhk
Phone: +(995) 99 190176

The mentioned hotels have recently renewed rooms with warm water, TV, etc… Detailed information can be obtained at the administration by the phone numbers mentioned.

One can also stay at the private homes of the local residents which are very friendly to tourists visiting Javakhk.


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