Roads of Javakak, part 1. Information videoclip about the current condition of the roads of Javakhk, and of their communication potential.


Roads of Javakak, part 2. Information videoclip about the Western plans of rehabilitation of the roads of Javakhk, and about the corporation Millennium Challanges.


Roads of Javakhk, part 3. Information videoclip about road reconstruction work in Javakhk. The main parts of the road are: Armenian border Ninotsminda - Satkha Nardevan - Gokhnari Partskhisi, and a separate part is Akhalkalak Sulda. The total road length is 170,9 km.

 The (Trekhk) Trialet Range is on the west of Lesser Caucasus Mountains. It is the northern boundary of Javakhk, and goes through the North of Akhalkalak and Tsalka regions. The length of the range is 144 km, and the maximum width is 30 km. The highest point of the Trialet Range is Karakaya at 2.850 meters above sea level.


This movie presents Sagamo lake. Sagamo lake is at the South-East of Javakhk. Height of the lake is 1986 m. above sea level. At the lake there is a village called Sagamo. Other villages neareby are: Gandza, Sathkha, Aragial.


Video: Tsalka region panoram with subtitles. Audio: Gusan Havasi, "Garun" ("Spring")

Gusal Aliq. "Parq qez Javakhk" ("Gloy to you Javakhk").

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